After 20 years of business in Europe, we settle where it all began, the West..Texas

Rio Grande started in 1995, in the Netherlands.. traveling out West in the USA made us open a store in The Hague, right next to the Queen palace. After more than 20 years we have settled in the land we love , the great USA to add new horizons to Rio Grande Int.

The Rio Grande store in the Netherlands has moved to Veenendaal.., more news about that later. The real news for you is that we have opened up 2 locations in Texas. In Canton and Colleyville, TX is where you can find us now too..

We will tell you all about us, our projects, our furniture, our custom workshop, our Bed & Breakfast, our experience and we will take you on an adventure within the cultures of the Southwest of the USA.

Our shop in Colleyville, TX